Cactus League Fans Set New All-Time Attendance Record With Five Days Left in 2015 Season

March 31, 2015
Cactus League Baseball Association
Cactus League Baseball Association

Cactus League fans have set an all-time attendance record with five days left in the 2015 spring training schedule.

More than 1.764 million fans have attended a Cactus League game this month, shattering the old record of 1.732 million fans in 2013. The total includes games played yesterday.

Attendance will approach 2 million fans this season with 22 games remaining to be played this week, according to Cactus League Baseball Association President Mark Coronado.

"The convenience of the Cactus League is catching on," Coronado said. "Fans are choosing the ballpark seat over the driver's seat for their spring training baseball vacation," he said.

All 15 Cactus League teams train in the Phoenix metropolitan area, allowing fans to fly into one airport, stay in one hotel room and drive less to see up to two games a day, with time for quality dining and shopping. "The Cactus League advantage clearly is catching on with fans nationwide," Coronado said.

He noted the attendance record this season is even more remarkable because it has been reached with fewer game days on the schedule.

The previous attendance mark set in 2013 included games over 37 days. This season's schedule features only 33 game days, ending Saturday with a single game between the Cleveland Indians and Milwaukee Brewers at Phoenix-Maryvale.

Final season attendance figures including single game records and rankings will be released next week.